Linky Links 2-16-07

The links post is making a comeback. Well, for today anyway… so lets get started:

The main reason why I started a link post today:

Elvis Statue says Aloha to Hawaii (BBC News) ~ I saw this and thought of you big brother.

Art Related:

Donors Sweetened Director’s Pay at MoMA (NYTimes) ~ I want to live in NYC, rent free and work for MoMA…

Paints’ Mysteries Challenge Protectors of Modern Art (NYTimes) ~ I would hate to be a conservator for this reason… people use crazy not archival crap now a days and there would be no way to keep it from looking the way that it did when it was made.

Other Stuff:

A lost art: Romance in the age of irony (Chicago Trib)~ since Valentine’s Day just pasted and I did absolutely nothing, I agree.

Disney to Possibly Make a Pirates of The Carribean 4? (Magical Mountain) ~ HAhaha… as long as Johnny Depp is in it, I’m fine.

Dove pro-age commercial ~ So I saw this and thought it is a beautiful commercial… I just love Dove’s action on re-defining the meaning of “beauty.”

and lastly:

Walt Disney World Star Wars Weekends Announced (Magical Mountain) ~ I can’t wait. I hope I get to go this year…

Da Bears

So as we all know I don’t do sports. Think about them, talk about them, watch them, or never ever play them, but I do keep up with major games – especially when my home team is winning. I leave the sports talk for my brother, but in honor of the Bears going to the Super Bowl, here’s a list that a friend posted and I thought I’d share here. The question on my mind though is, will I get to hear the Super Bowl Shuffle once again?

In honor of the Chicago Bears going to Super Bowl 41, here are 41 things that have changed from the last time the Chicago Bears played in the Super Bowl (which was Super Bowl 20 in 1986):

1. Brian Urlacher was in 2nd grade. Rex Grossman was in kindergarten.

2. Peyton Manning was 10 years old. Eli Manning was 5 years old. Their dad, Archie, had just retired from the NFL two years earlier.

3. Lovie Smith was in his first college coaching job at University of Tulsa.

4. Ronald Reagan was the President, and Harold Washington was the Mayor. James R. Thompson was the Governor running for re-election and his office was in the new State of Illinois Center, which is now called the James R. Thompson Center.

5. George W. Bush was 39 years old and still drinking. His father would run for President two years later.

6. Rod Blagojevich was just out of law school and was a low-level
prosecutor working for the Cook County State’s Attorney, Richard M. Daley.

7. Barack Obama had just moved to Illinois, and Osama bin Laden was fighting the Soviets in Afghanistan.

8. Red Grange and Sid Luckman were still alive.

9. The Colts had just moved to Indianapolis from Baltimore and were the doormat of the AFC EAST. The Bears were the champions of the NFC CENTRAL.

10. Property in Wicker Park and Bucktown was cheap because they were really bad neighborhoods.

11. CD players, cellular phones and fax machines were expensive,
cutting edge technology and only a few people used them.

12. “Surfing the net” meant a volleyball game at the beach, and virtually no one used the “@” key on their TYPEWRITER.

13. Sam Walton was still alive and was wealthier than Bill Gates. Windows were panes of glass…not a computer operating system that was a pain in something that rhymes with glass.

14. The Soviet Union was our main enemy, and Saddam Hussein
was our ally.

15. There were no lights at Wrigley Field, and the oldest park in
baseball belonged to the White Sox.

16. Michael Jordan and Ozzie Guillen had just finished their “Rookie of the Year” seasons. Jordan’s coach was Stan Albeck and Guillen’s manager was Tony LaRussa. (Three out of four of those guys are now wearing championship rings, but what ever happened to Stan Albeck???)

17. Soldier Field had AstroTurf. The Houston Oilers played in the

18. The Fox TV Network didn’ t exist, and ESPN had yet to air a
single live pro football, baseball, or basketball game.

19. MTV played music and so did some AM radio stations.

20. Lindsay Lohan and Hilary Duff weren’t born yet; Jackie Gleason and Richard Nixon were still alive.

21. Hillary Clinton had dark hair and was the First Lady……of Arkansas!

22. “The Love Boat” and “Diff’rent Strokes” were still on network TV every week.

23. Martin Luther King Day was about to be celebrated as a National Holiday for the first time. “9-11” was a phone number many cities were just adopting for emergency calls – not a date of terror.

24. I-88 was called “Illinois Rt. 5” and I-355 hadn’t been built yet.

25. What the CTA now calls “The Blue Line” had just been extended to O’Hare, and the Orange Line to Midway hadn’t been built yet.

26. Q101 played adult contemporary music and most teenagers listened to WLS. Music from the 70’s and 80’s wasn’t “retro” yet.

27. Tiger Woods hadn’t won an amateur golf tournament yet.

28. Most people knew Seattle just as a city in the Northwest U.S. – not the home of grunge or Starbucks.

29. Only Southerners went to NASCAR races and only Northerners went to NHL games.

30. The Chicago area had no Wal-Marts, Targets or Home Depots, and Walgreen’s was only in the Midwest.

31. Depending on your bank, your ATM card was good at only “Cash Station” machines or only at “Money Network” machines, but there were no fees.

32. “The Phone Company” was Illinois Bell.

33. They still sold leaded gasoline and you couldn’t pay for your gas at the pump.

34 . Discover Card hadn’t been discovered yet, and Miller Genuine Draft hadn’t been brewed yet.

35. Stereo TVs were the rage that HDTVs are now. 8-track tapes were still being made.

36. All of the Blockbuster Video stores that are now closing hadn’t opened yet. Betamax was still competing with VHS.

37. You paid cash for your groceries and fast food, and you used a travel agent to book airline flights.

38. Bowl games didn’t have corporate sponsors, and if the #1 ranked team was in a conference that played in one bowl game and the #2 ranked team was in a conference that played in another bowl game, then so be it! They let the sportswriters vote on the national champion. (and no college football games were played after New Year’s Day)

39. The Baltimore Ravens were the Cleveland Browns. The Tennessee Titans were the Houston Oilers. The Oakland Raiders were the Los Angeles Raiders that had just left Oakland. The Arizona Cardinals (the former Phoenix Cardinals) were the St. Louis Cardinals, and the St. Louis Rams were the Los Angeles Rams. The Jacksonville Jaguars, Carolina Panthers, Houston Texans, and the Cleveland Browns (not to be confused with the
Cleveland Browns that are now the Baltimore Ravens) didn’t exist. The Seattle Seahawks (last year’s NFC Champions) played in the AFC.

40. Number 9 on the Bears was their Punky QB…not their perky field goal kicker.

41. There were no iPods – just Sony Walkmen – so if you said something about a “shuffle” on your Walkman, they assumed you were listening to “The Super Bowl Shuffle”

and one thing that will be the same from the Chicago Bears last Super Bowl appearance…..


The Velvet Show at MSU!

Purple Velvet


The Velvet Show


Linda Talaga and Friends

Janet Rente

Martha Kelshaw

Saraivy Orench Reinat

Sam Knapp

Tracie Fracasso

Jamie Allen

Linda Koenemund

Owen Oertling

Scott Beil

Ahni Kruger

Elizabeth Sowell-Zak

Maya Gatewood

For the love of Velvet!

Montclair State University

MFA Gallery, Finley South

1 Normal Avenue, Montclair NJ 07043

Exhibition Dates

January 29 – February 4


Opening Reception

Tuesday Jan 30 6-9 P.M.

A Video A Week Keeps the Boredom Away ~ Too Much Caffeine

How I feel:

A Video a Week Keeps the Boredom Away ~ Baby Plucky in “Going Up”

So Warner Bros. took away what I wanted to put up here, the Batman the Animated Series episode called “Christmas with the Joker” and he says “A Wonderful Life will not be playing this year…” love that episode. But no, it’s gone. So I give you Baby Plucky from Tiny Toons. “Elalator go up…elalator go down…”

Linky Links 11-28-06

Links. Great Stuff. Especially if they are all short amusing games. (Well, and the article that I found them from). Have fun!

The article:

Shorthand for a holiday: Ralphie, the BB Gun, and the Flagpole (NY Times) ~ Love Christmas Story. If you have NEVER seen it, go see it NOW.

The games:

Don’t Shoot Your Eye Out

Stuck to a Pole

Reindeer Arm Wrestling

Season Scuplting

Yes, I’m Working

Save The Snowman

Shake the Globe

And that’s all for now folks. You’ll see that there are more from this site (from OfficeMax) but I have presented you with the top ones. Enjoy!

A Video a Week Keeps the Boredom Away BONUS!

Alright. Here’s the truth. I’m tipsy because I’m tired, didn’t drink very much, and I’m a lightweight… I used to get drunk off the smell of wine. I’m much better now, but I’m honestly celebrating that I finished a paper. Why the hell not… celebrate I mean. Well, there was left over drinks from when my friends came to visit me this weekend so I’m finishing them off (it wasn’t a lot). That means I am drinking/eating my frozen drink with a spoon… and it’s gooooood. Seriously though, I’m not that tipsy. I’m just tired.

Ok! And my bonus videos of the week because I think people should see them other then me and appreciate <>them because I’m a big N-E-R-D. These are all on my YouTube site, so I’m just giving you some highlighted videos that I have enjoyed and I think you should too. And you’re going to need some time to kill to watch these…

First one is actually on my YouTube Home page. It’s 8 minutes long, but it’s worth it to watch it all if you’re a Kermit fan.

The next one is good for how I’ve been feeling all week… drinking (because of the opening and the thought that I had a paper due)! “We’re showing the evils of alcohol.” (Even though I don’t like beer) Good stuff… I bring you Tiny Toons and “One Beer.”

And the last one for this super bonus video post, I bring you “Don’t Stand So Close to Me” by the Police because I mentioned it in the previous post and think you need to see how Sting can rock out with a cap (square cardboard) (I don’t remember the offical name of the cap in cap and gown) on.

A Video a Week Keeps the Boredom Away ~ You’re Beautiful

Sometimes you just have to love yourself. Sometimes you get noticed. These two thoughts are what this week’s video (and blog post) have to deal with.

Let’s begin with the happy thoughts. I must learn to self promote if I want to be a successful artist, so here I go:

I am currently having a show in the MFA Gallery here in Montclair State University. It’s a group show with my two friends Martha and Janet and the title of our show is “Sex and Violence.”

Sex and Violence

Our “code” names for the show are Candi (me), Nadia (Martha), and Lola (Janet). The opening was Tuesday night and it was awesome (wish you could have been there). I tried to post a slide show of pictures from the opening but wordpress didn’t allow it, so go check out my MySpace page where it’s all decked out for our show.

Candi’s MySpace Page

So that’s the end of the loving and promoting myself part. So I was going to explain why I put this video up but I realized that it’s way to easy to get to this blog with just looking up Montclair or MFA (from previous posts… and now this one will be added since I used both terms here) I’ll just leave it up to your imagination of why I decided to put this song up… hope you enjoy.

A Video a Week Keeps the Boredom Away ~ MC Hammer – Pray

Maybe a little prayer will help me out. I have roommate issues. We all know this. They stuck me in a room with three juniors and one of them in particular just plain sucks. She steals my food, is f-ing loud at all hours, drinks all week (and is loud), uses my dishes and then doesn’t wash them, is throwing a party tomorrow without saying anything to me, smokes in the common room and her room (my window is next to hers), and is just plain rude. I’ve complained to the higher authorities and the best they can do is stick me in a double and I am too old to be in a double. I’ve asked my CA for help about the smoking and happened to mention why I needed help again (the continuing of the food stealing, etc.) and he sent me back and e-mail with “friendly advice” saying that I need to stand up for myself and that he won’t always be there to rescue me. First off… he really hasn’t done anything for me except tell me I need to confront my roommate and he talked to the head of housing who I could have talked to even without his help. Two, this girl is crazy. She actually scares me a bit and any one who knows me knows I am just not a confrontational person. I am not on her good side and don’t really want to be. I just haven’t really been around anymore so I can’t let her bother me anymore. The times I have mentioned something about the dishes or the food she flat out lied to me. So yeah, I don’t trust her. So I asked my CA for help about the smoking because it is something that needs to be addressed because there is a strict no smoking policy in the dorms. I don’t have time to deal with this anymore… so this is why I need to pray… pray… I need to pray just to make it today.

I’m hanging a show in a couple of days. I have no work done. Another reason to pray. So I give you MC Hammer and a little praying for things to actually work out for me… for once, because MSU, fate, and anything for that matter, has not been too kind to me lately. 

The B.L.A.M. Tour

Okay, it’s 2:24 A.M. and I’m in the middle of writing my midterm that is due tomorrow… and what am I doing? Writing about how I went to see Barenaked Ladies this past Thursday. I am also currently listening to solo piano radio on iTunes because 1. I just discovered that I have iTunes on my computer and 2. My roommates are so f-ing loud that I really need earplugs, but I don’t have any so listening to slow piano music will just have to do while I write this midterm paper.

So on my ticket is said “Barenaked Ladies” blablabla “with special guest” (then the next line in large letters “The B.L.A.M. Tour.” My friend asked me when I said that I was going to this concert was there going to be anyone opening for them, I said, hm, I guess The B.L.A.M. tour whoever they are. Sometimes my stupidity amazes me. Let me continue. So I was sitting there in these fantastic seats (because, yes, I am in the fan club and bought them early the day they said that I could buy them on-line before everyone else because I am in the fan club) listening to this band that I can’t even remember the name of (the name of the band was the lead singer’s name) and they were bad and I was wondering when was the B.L.A.M. tour coming on? I mean, Barenaked Ladies isn’t that huge that they would have 2 opening acts. Then it hit me. I am such an idiot sometimes… B.L.A.M. B-Barenaked L-Ladies A-Are M-Me (the name of their new album) Tour. It was the name of their tour. I’m a dumbass. Well, ok, I’m not a total dumbass but let me just say I’ve been awful sick for the past two weeks… that should grant me at least one stupid oblivious thought.

Anywho, the concert rocked. I had a great time even though I was sick. I could see, I could sit because everyone in front of me was sitting, and it was great. This weekend as a whole is another story. Getting “locked” out of my apartment because my roommatesneglected to tell me that they changed the lock, missing my friend’s opening because of this, having to go back down to Philly for something and come back 2 hours later to work on a project and this midterm and on and on and on. Sigh. Moving on.

Since I didn’t give an official video of the week last week because it was Halloween (had to post a Halloween video of course) and then I wasn’t here for the rest of the week because I went to the concert I give you one of the last songs that they played and one of my favorites. Also a picture that I took from my seat. I heart BNL.


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