A Video a Week Keeps the Boredom Away ~ You’re Beautiful

Sometimes you just have to love yourself. Sometimes you get noticed. These two thoughts are what this week’s video (and blog post) have to deal with.

Let’s begin with the happy thoughts. I must learn to self promote if I want to be a successful artist, so here I go:

I am currently having a show in the MFA Gallery here in Montclair State University. It’s a group show with my two friends Martha and Janet and the title of our show is “Sex and Violence.”

Sex and Violence

Our “code” names for the show are Candi (me), Nadia (Martha), and Lola (Janet). The opening was Tuesday night and it was awesome (wish you could have been there). I tried to post a slide show of pictures from the opening but wordpress didn’t allow it, so go check out my MySpace page where it’s all decked out for our show.

Candi’s MySpace Page

So that’s the end of the loving and promoting myself part. So I was going to explain why I put this video up but I realized that it’s way to easy to get to this blog with just looking up Montclair or MFA (from previous posts… and now this one will be added since I used both terms here) I’ll just leave it up to your imagination of why I decided to put this song up… hope you enjoy.


One Response to “A Video a Week Keeps the Boredom Away ~ You’re Beautiful”

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    […] (6) You’re Beautiful (Linda) – My talented sister had a show at the MFA Gallery at Montclair State (I’m not sure which exit that is in Jersey) this week In case you were wondering, I received absolutely NONE of the artist genes that run in the family. […]

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