The B.L.A.M. Tour

Okay, it’s 2:24 A.M. and I’m in the middle of writing my midterm that is due tomorrow… and what am I doing? Writing about how I went to see Barenaked Ladies this past Thursday. I am also currently listening to solo piano radio on iTunes because 1. I just discovered that I have iTunes on my computer and 2. My roommates are so f-ing loud that I really need earplugs, but I don’t have any so listening to slow piano music will just have to do while I write this midterm paper.

So on my ticket is said “Barenaked Ladies” blablabla “with special guest” (then the next line in large letters “The B.L.A.M. Tour.” My friend asked me when I said that I was going to this concert was there going to be anyone opening for them, I said, hm, I guess The B.L.A.M. tour whoever they are. Sometimes my stupidity amazes me. Let me continue. So I was sitting there in these fantastic seats (because, yes, I am in the fan club and bought them early the day they said that I could buy them on-line before everyone else because I am in the fan club) listening to this band that I can’t even remember the name of (the name of the band was the lead singer’s name) and they were bad and I was wondering when was the B.L.A.M. tour coming on? I mean, Barenaked Ladies isn’t that huge that they would have 2 opening acts. Then it hit me. I am such an idiot sometimes… B.L.A.M. B-Barenaked L-Ladies A-Are M-Me (the name of their new album) Tour. It was the name of their tour. I’m a dumbass. Well, ok, I’m not a total dumbass but let me just say I’ve been awful sick for the past two weeks… that should grant me at least one stupid oblivious thought.

Anywho, the concert rocked. I had a great time even though I was sick. I could see, I could sit because everyone in front of me was sitting, and it was great. This weekend as a whole is another story. Getting “locked” out of my apartment because my roommatesneglected to tell me that they changed the lock, missing my friend’s opening because of this, having to go back down to Philly for something and come back 2 hours later to work on a project and this midterm and on and on and on. Sigh. Moving on.

Since I didn’t give an official video of the week last week because it was Halloween (had to post a Halloween video of course) and then I wasn’t here for the rest of the week because I went to the concert I give you one of the last songs that they played and one of my favorites. Also a picture that I took from my seat. I heart BNL.


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