Linky Links 2-16-07

The links post is making a comeback. Well, for today anyway… so lets get started:

The main reason why I started a link post today:

Elvis Statue says Aloha to Hawaii (BBC News) ~ I saw this and thought of you big brother.

Art Related:

Donors Sweetened Director’s Pay at MoMA (NYTimes) ~ I want to live in NYC, rent free and work for MoMA…

Paints’ Mysteries Challenge Protectors of Modern Art (NYTimes) ~ I would hate to be a conservator for this reason… people use crazy not archival crap now a days and there would be no way to keep it from looking the way that it did when it was made.

Other Stuff:

A lost art: Romance in the age of irony (Chicago Trib)~ since Valentine’s Day just pasted and I did absolutely nothing, I agree.

Disney to Possibly Make a Pirates of The Carribean 4? (Magical Mountain) ~ HAhaha… as long as Johnny Depp is in it, I’m fine.

Dove pro-age commercial ~ So I saw this and thought it is a beautiful commercial… I just love Dove’s action on re-defining the meaning of “beauty.”

and lastly:

Walt Disney World Star Wars Weekends Announced (Magical Mountain) ~ I can’t wait. I hope I get to go this year…


2 Responses to “Linky Links 2-16-07”

  1. josephinamartinez6 Says:

    I thought Alexander had only managed an 8 year deal for that money,not 5 years Mr Editor?! Come on

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