A Video a Week Keeps the Boredom Away BONUS!

Alright. Here’s the truth. I’m tipsy because I’m tired, didn’t drink very much, and I’m a lightweight… I used to get drunk off the smell of wine. I’m much better now, but I’m honestly celebrating that I finished a paper. Why the hell not… celebrate I mean. Well, there was left over drinks from when my friends came to visit me this weekend so I’m finishing them off (it wasn’t a lot). That means I am drinking/eating my frozen drink with a spoon… and it’s gooooood. Seriously though, I’m not that tipsy. I’m just tired.

Ok! And my bonus videos of the week because I think people should see them other then me and appreciate <>them because I’m a big N-E-R-D. These are all on my YouTube site, so I’m just giving you some highlighted videos that I have enjoyed and I think you should too. And you’re going to need some time to kill to watch these…

First one is actually on my YouTube Home page. It’s 8 minutes long, but it’s worth it to watch it all if you’re a Kermit fan.

The next one is good for how I’ve been feeling all week… drinking (because of the opening and the thought that I had a paper due)! “We’re showing the evils of alcohol.” (Even though I don’t like beer) Good stuff… I bring you Tiny Toons and “One Beer.”

And the last one for this super bonus video post, I bring you “Don’t Stand So Close to Me” by the Police because I mentioned it in the previous post and think you need to see how Sting can rock out with a cap (square cardboard) (I don’t remember the offical name of the cap in cap and gown) on.


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