A Video a Week Keeps the Boredom Away ~ MC Hammer – Pray

Maybe a little prayer will help me out. I have roommate issues. We all know this. They stuck me in a room with three juniors and one of them in particular just plain sucks. She steals my food, is f-ing loud at all hours, drinks all week (and is loud), uses my dishes and then doesn’t wash them, is throwing a party tomorrow without saying anything to me, smokes in the common room and her room (my window is next to hers), and is just plain rude. I’ve complained to the higher authorities and the best they can do is stick me in a double and I am too old to be in a double. I’ve asked my CA for help about the smoking and happened to mention why I needed help again (the continuing of the food stealing, etc.) and he sent me back and e-mail with “friendly advice” saying that I need to stand up for myself and that he won’t always be there to rescue me. First off… he really hasn’t done anything for me except tell me I need to confront my roommate and he talked to the head of housing who I could have talked to even without his help. Two, this girl is crazy. She actually scares me a bit and any one who knows me knows I am just not a confrontational person. I am not on her good side and don’t really want to be. I just haven’t really been around anymore so I can’t let her bother me anymore. The times I have mentioned something about the dishes or the food she flat out lied to me. So yeah, I don’t trust her. So I asked my CA for help about the smoking because it is something that needs to be addressed because there is a strict no smoking policy in the dorms. I don’t have time to deal with this anymore… so this is why I need to pray… pray… I need to pray just to make it today.

I’m hanging a show in a couple of days. I have no work done. Another reason to pray. So I give you MC Hammer and a little praying for things to actually work out for me… for once, because MSU, fate, and anything for that matter, has not been too kind to me lately. 


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