Happy Halloween!!

Tonight is mischief night and I’m sitting here in my pink pjs writing this blog. Ah well. Anyway, I never heard of mischief night until I came out to the east coast, actually my uncle told me about it. No mischief here unless you count all the clothes in the living room, the lights and TV on everywhere and a rose sitting out. Apparently my annoying food stealing roommate is out causing mischief. This is not about my terrible living situation, this is about Halloween!!!

I’ve always loved dressing up until recently. Maybe because I hit that age where it’s not about dressing up but it’s about how slutty/”sexy” you can look… and I just don’t do “slutty.” I’m more of a “cute, trying to be sexy but I giggle too much.” Not that you need to know this.Anywho, tomorrow I will be going to New York City to watch the Halloween Parade!!! I’m sooo excited. 1, because it won’t be too cold, and 2, it’s going to be awesome. Since I figured that I have no idea where I’ll be next year, why not take advantage of how freakin close I am to NYC. This means going dancing on a Thursday, uh… okay, that’s all I’ve done so far. But now I can add going to the New York Halloween Parade to my list! I’m pumped!!! I’m going to be dressed as a pilot actually… well, sort of. Let’s say I’m going to be a “cute” pilot (see comment above about being slutty).

Here is a link about the Halloween Parade if you’ve never heard about it (I’m only saying this because I’ve never heard about it until I came here to Montclair)

New York’s Village Halloween Parade

And a little something to get you into the mood… by the way, saw the movie in 3-D… awesome. Go see it.


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