A Video a Week Keeps the Boredom Away ~ Pepsi and Michael

After reading about my brother’s 10 year reunion from high school I began thinking about my own high school experience. One, my 10 year reunion is only 3 years away. Two, high school is a bit fuzzy for me. No, I wasn’t “on” anything during any part of high school but really it’s a bit unclear. Admittedly I think how I remembered high school was who I was dating at the time (let’s see, John L. freshman yr for 3 months – went to Homecoming together, very briefly Jeff E., Jeff F for 6 months soph and beginning of jr. year – went to Jr. year Homecoming with him, Jon P. for 3 months Jr. year- went to France forHumanities and prom with him, the John P. (different John) for basically all of senior year (and beginning of collage freshman year). Okay, not that you need to know all of that (yes, lots of “J” names, I later dated a Mark for 5 years just to let you know that I’m not letter obsessed) but seriously, I think that’s how I remember high school. Also I was reading the Wikipedia entry on H-F and I don’t think I was supposed to graduate. I didn’t take 3 sciences… how did I get out of that?

Anyway this week on “A Video a Week Keeps the Boredom Away” I wish I could put something up about my high school or put up the video where you can see me running for wedding dresses (see Running of the Brides post for links), but a Pepsi commercial where Michael Jackson sings and dances just has to do. Well, and I guess it goes with the theme, I do prefer Pepsi over Coke.


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