“The Running of the Brides” ~ What I did this weekend

So I went down to Philly this weekend to support my friend Magy who is getting married in May and participated in “The Running of the Brides.” Unfortunately there was no real drama (punching, kicking, crying) but it was definitely something to remember. I got there around 6:45 AM but Magy, her mom, and her friend Allison were already in line. Then I got the “hat.” It is a sparkly blue glitter hat that all four of us wore and got us some TV time. Yes, I was on TV… then again, Magy was the one being interviewed but I was there. So here are some links to articles that were published about this event that I went to and on at least 2 of the videos you can spot me (and the rest of the blue hats) “running” into the store. Also on the 6ABC site you can see when they interviewed Magy while she was trying on dresses (she’s the red head talking about the ratio of girls to dresses). It was fun and I would write more, but ha, I am in school and it’s midterm week.


6ABC ~ watch the video where Amy Buckman reports and there you will see Magy and our blue hats are floating around

CBS3 ~ the little video on the left you will see the blue hats and near the end you’ll see me (well, the back of me) (I’m wearing a brown jacket) wandering around.

NBC11 ~ I’m in the “running” part of the video. If you go to the slideshow you can see a picture of part of Magy, Magy’s mom and me behind her on Slide 4.

Philadelphia Inquirer ~ Magy (or me) isn’t in any of the pictures but she was interviewed by the woman who wrote this.

Oh! And she DID find a dress. It’s beautiful… and I’m the one who grabbed it in the beginning. 🙂


2 Responses to ““The Running of the Brides” ~ What I did this weekend”

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