Linky Links 10-3-06

Ah, links. I haven’t posted a link post in awhile. I guess today is newsworthy. I don’t know why it’s newsworthy, and in reality, it’s probably not… But anywho, here’s what I took note today.

Art related

A New Species of Galleries (NY Sun) ~ Just things to keep in mind if I really do want to become an artist apposed to a teacher not making my own art.

Tycoon Plans Paris Arts Complex (BBC News) ~ That’s right, the richest man in Paris wants to build a place for art… hm… maybe I need to move to Paris.

Horns Up. Bows Ready. Cellphones On. (NY Times) ~ What a cool concept. But then again, hearing a cell phone ring in the middle of a concert is somewhat annoying and this symphony is actually encouraging it (but of course at specific times).

‘Chorus Line’ Returns, as Do Regrets Over Life Stories Signed Away (NY Times) ~ I need to see this movie again. Kelly Bishop (who is Lorelai’s mother in Gilmore Girls… and was Baby’s mother in Dirty Dancing) was the story behind the character of Sheila in Chorus Line. Not like you care about my love for Gilmore Girls…

And for something sad

5 girls dead in Amish school shooting (Yahoo! News) ~ One, wow, you’re not safe anywhere. This is so sad and terrible. Two, I just went to Amish country this weekend… mmm… good food. (sorry, I guess that might have been a little inappropriate)


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