Happy 4th!

I accidently posted this twice and the other version won’t seem to go away.  I’ll try again later today… 

An overcast morning here in America’s birthplace on America’s birthday.  When I used to live in the city, my mother always told me to go to the fireworks in Philly since it is America’s birthplace… I mean, Philly should have the biggest celebration, right?  Well, I did my last year that I lived in the city, and it was so… hm… not worth it.  But at least I can say that I went.  Just like you would really only go to the big 3rd of July fireworks in Chicago looking over the Lake only once every several years… just to say that you went.  (Last time I went I was right against the fence of Buckingham Fountain, and could barely move).  By the way, the fireworks in Chicago were way better then the ones in Philly… Last year around this time Live 8 was happening here and Sir Elton John was preforming for the 4th festivities… I didn’t attend either… actually, I don’t remember what I did.  And that’s the day I’m going to have today, a very non-memorable one.  Since it’s going to rain and I’ve lounged about all weekend by the pool, I need to get some work done at my non-air-conditioned home since I’ve been staying at a friend’s place all weekend where there is air-conditioning… and a pool.  I’m not usually a pool person, but when it’s in someone’s backyard and there’s some privacy, it’s fantastic.  I’m slowly trying to loose this farmer’s tan I’ve seem to develop.  My friend from the NYC area told me that I was the first person she’s ever heard use the term “farmer’s tan.”  What a city girl. 

I’m actually looking forward to going back to work tomorrow.  Amazing… It’s supposed to rain though, so maybe no swimming at Sesame Place.  After the first day I seriously though about quitting.  I’m not getting paid enough for the 12 hour day that I had, and was it really worth it.  But then I think about the 7 little girls that I watch over and know I have to stay with them. 

Hm, the sun’s about to come out.  Maybe I’ll get one more dip in the pool before I go home.

Have a fun and safe holiday today!!

And an article for the road:

In Queens, It’s the Glorious 4th, and 6th, and 16th, and 25th… (New York Times) ~ We all celebrate Independence


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  1. FRANK THE TANK’S SLANT » Blog Archive » Fine Explosions in Naperville and Land-o-Links for 7/5/2006 Says:

    […] They were so good that I actually felt compelled enough to dedicate an entire post to such an inane subject. Let me note that I’m not throwing these positive proclamations around very lightly. My parents to this day are certified fireworks fanatics, which means that I spent my Fourth of July weekends as a child hitting the South Suburban fireworks trifecta of shows in Hazel Crest, Chicago Heights, and our hometown of Glenwood on consecutive evenings. They seriously go out of their way to catch as many fireworks performances as they can not only during the Independence Day season, but for the rest of the year, as well (i.e. Chicago’s Venetian Night, the twice-weekly Navy Pier shows, etc.). At the same time, I’ve been fortunate enough to witness fireworks displays in Chicago’s Grant Park, the National Mall in Washington, D.C., on Lahaina Harbor in Maui, and at Walt Disney World in Florida (for a view on Philadelphia’s fireworks, check out my sister’s blog). (The Most Disappointing Fourth of July Fireworks Ever: Las Vegas. Last year when I was there, instead of the city having the fireworks shoot off of the rooftops of the hotels on the Strip as it had in the past, the show was shuffled off into a largely inaccessible area someplace north of the Hilton. I was upset for a moment until I realized that I was still in Vegas, which made me happy again.) […]

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