Well, I might have said some pretty harsh things in my last post about men. I guess all men don’t suck and I really am sorry if I said anything hurtful or anything I said at all, just ignore it if you think it pertains to you. It probably doesn’t and I was drunk. So, I’m sorry.

Anywho, this week is going to be nice and relaxing, that is if my central air doesn’t decide to give up on me. Curse this heat! I think I actually prefer winter… but then once winter comes I really don’t prefer cold… so hm. Crap. That air conditioner is really making a lot of noise. It’s cooler outside then in my house!!! Grumble!

Not as if you really care, but that guy never called me back after he said that he would. Wait, hm, I don’t remember what day was that rambling drunk post, but I did call him, he actually picked up, talked to him for two seconds, he had to go and said he’d call me back “later,” whenever that may be. So I give up on that guy. Well, not like I really had any hope in the first place, but it could have been some fun. Ah well.

I’m actually excited about my job. It sounds very tiring, but I think I’m going to truly enjoy it. Open House for the camp is on Saturday and I get to meet my group of 4 year old girls. Exciting!!! Alright, my computer is super slow. Once again, I have to mention that I miss my super fast Internet. Sigh.


4 Responses to “Retraction”

  1. jcoftw Says:

    Sounds like you don’t need that guy in your life anyway. They can be jerks you know. 😀

  2. HEATHER Says:

    I SAY, if any of y’all boys see yourself in the pervious post, try learning from it and stop being a lame-ass.

    Apologize for nothing!!!

  3. Lawrence Says:

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