Boy Speak

Another lonely Friday night, this time listening to the thunder and rain outside and hoping that my place doesn't flood or something crazy like that. Once again, waiting for a phone call that probably will never come. At least not tonight. Sigh. I think I screwed up on this whole "dating" thing. I mean, seriously, I didn't realize that there are rules to this. And then there is the whole "boy speak." When he says later that came be up to 7 days or until you call back. You can't call back in the same day necessarily because that could look desperate, but then again, waiting too long could make him lose interest, which is what I think is the case in my case. But then I'm losing interest too, so I guess it's okay.

Why do guys need to lie? I would much rather hear the harsh truth, like "I'm just not that into you anymore, or ever was" then, "well, I've been trying to break it off for awhile now if you hadn't noticed" or some crap like that. It kinda sucks to sit back a week later and realize that you were just used. Or a month later. As I slowly get drunker here, I will ramble more about stupid boys. Why do boys think annoying a girl will make her like him? Instead it just pisses me off more, and makes the teaser look more unattractive and undesirable. It is very Jr. High. Heck, anything that has to do with something that resembles something that you would do in Jr. High to attract the opposite sex is annoying at this age. Prove to me that you've grown up dammit! Then there's the whole attraction issue. Can you be attracted to someones personality more then their actual appearance? I've been with several people that I've done the whole thought process of "what would our kids look like" and some of them would be very ugly children. I know that you can be physically attracted to someone but hate everything about them so shouldn't it work the other way also?  Which is better though?  Especially since I can't seem to get both in the same wonderful package?  I'm having doubts that that is possible.  Or strongly like the majority of their personality and just dislike something about their appearance that is just pushing you away a bit?  How important is it to have both?  Well, I guess I know the answer to that.  God I miss fast Internet. 

And how about the whole a little too late syndrome. The whole realizing that you were majorly wrong the majority of the time and suddenly realizing it when you're apart?  But then again, at least he knows what he did wrong and accepts it unlike some other people that thinks he's God or something and thinks it's all about him and he didn't do anything wrong and only did what made him happy. 

Hm.  Though I am tipsy on this rainy Friday night, I know I shouldn't be ranting about boys here.   But since I am a bit tipsy, I don't care and am going to post it anyway.  

Let's focus on some good things going on right now.  Not like anything bad is really going on, but there are some really good things.  Like my job.  I will finally teach.  It is so exciting.  I will be teaching only 3 weeks out of the 9 though, which kinda sucks… a lot, but at least I've got something.  I made my syllabus and everything and am very pumped up.  4-7 year olds.  About 10 of them.  Then I'll also be a camp counselor for all 9 weeks.  I will be in charge of a bunch of 4 year old girls.  Exciting.  Tomorrow's training session got canceled.  I'm a little pissed here.  I could have totally of went somewhere this past week.  Oh well.  I had my visitor come this past week and we had fun together.  So I shouldn't complain. 

Okay.  I'm going to go watch some girly movie and finish drinking the night away until I fall asleep or something.  I feel like a bit of a loser right now.  Not cool. 


One Response to “Boy Speak”

  1. jcoftw Says:

    I work with 48 juvenile delinquent boys. It takes a special person to work with kids. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Hope the hang over isn’t too bad.

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