The Offical Beginning of Summer

Boy oh boy. What a year. A year ago I just graduated from UPENN, which was a great achievement for me, attended PaFA's graduation and ASE opening where I realized that I don't know anyone really there anymore, I was still with Mark, I was waiting to hear from grad schools, mainly from wonderful Montclair, since I was rejected from my first choice right off the bat, and I was probably planning my big trip to Disney World to attend Star Wars Weekend in anticipation of the last and final installment of the Star Wars movies. A year has passed and I finished my first year at Montclair, survived my first year at Montclair and my MFA program, made some fantastic friends that I truly am thankful for, broke up with Mark, had a party recently basically celebrating the fact that I am not with Mark anymore where my friends and I danced the night away in New York at some 80's club, attended PaFA's ASE opening again, once again realizing that I don't know anyone there anymore (except this time someone remembered me 🙂 ), went to the second year's MFA Thesis show opening in New York City last night, and now, I'm sitting here, alone on a Friday night avoiding thinking about and obsessing over if some boy is going to call me or not. I mean, I definitely feel more confident about myself and my looks then a year ago, but this is something that I forgot all about, the nerves that build and build with anticipation and worrying if someone likes me or not. God I feel like such a GIRL! Well, I called him and now it's in his hands, hence why I'm sitting here wondering if my phone is going to ring. I'm such a loser. Ugh!

Anyway, enough about boys. Work. I actually will be getting a job this summer that I'm super excited about. Something that hopefully will help me decide what I want to do with my life: I'll be teaching art. How exciting!!! Granted it's for a summer camp for kids, and I'll also be a counselor (it's not an overnight, just a day camp), but it sounds like it's going to be fun and intense. My friend Sunny did this last summer and she liked it and thought I'd really enjoy it, and I really think that I will. Maybe it will change my opinion on teaching younger kids, but somehow I doubt that.

Well, I'm out. I have sitting around and watching bad TV waiting for me.

Have a good weekend!


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