Life as an Art Student

So, I shouldn't be sitting here writing this and writing many art criticism papers instead but I needed to post these few links. This is going to be hell week for me, so until after May 8th, I'll be thinking about working and actually drinking (instead of just thinking about doing it). So until then…

Tales From the Crit: For Art Students, May Is the Cruelest Month ~ article from Sunday's New York Times. My final critique is Monday, May 8th, 2 PM Eastern Standard Time. Pray for me.

Art School Confidential ~ The official movie site. Coming soon to a theater near you. Go see it. I will be seeing it (hopefully) this Saturday. I will report how funny and close to the truth it is after May 8th. Especially the part in the trailer where he throws himself covered in paint onto a canvas (hmmm sound familiar?). Also mentioned in the first line of the above article.

Art School Confidential (2006) ~ In case the above link is too slow in loading, here is a page that just describes what the synopsis is and who's in it and a link to a trailer (too funny, watch it even if you don't go to art school you will get a kick out of it… especially if you know me)


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