I’m Having an Allergic Reaction to the Whitney Biennial

I have allergies.  For some reason, the symptoms seem to be worse whenever I go into the city.  I went to see the Whitney Biennial this week in NYC with my friends and afterwards I was rubbing my eyes, coughing, and sniffling, and my friend asked me if I was okay.  I said it was just allergies… probably all the dogwoods (Dagwood, whatever that tree's name is) in the city.  She said it was probably because I was having allergic reactions to the Biennial.  I'm allergic to the Biennial! I think it's the truth.  The symptoms seem to have started when the show went up, and now it has been worse since I went to actually see the show. 

Let's just say, I was greatly disappointed.  And pretty much leave it at that.  

It was so not worth the $17 I paid on-line to go see this show.

Maybe I'm just some art snob, but seriously… it was bad.  I haven't really heard a good thing about it.  Well, at least from my peers.

The only entertaining thing I saw was this thing called "Trailer for a Remake of Gore Vidal's 'Caligula,' " While sitting there in movie theater like seats, I just watched it and thought… wow, this is pretty much soft porn and it's in an art museum.  Wow.  I'd be a little more descriptive, but I don't think you really want to hear about this from little ol' me.  Go look it up if you're really interested.  It has some big name actors in it too.  

So here are some articles that have been printed about the Whitney Biennial if you're at all interested, but after me saying that it wasn't worth your time, you probably won't read them, but that's okay by me.  There are some pictures of some of the objects in the show, and the things shown are really probably the best things that were in the show.  So go look at the articles if only for that.  Make your own judgement. 

Whitney Biennial 2006 :: Day for Night ~ The official site

The Biennial Question ~ "Have the Curators of This Year's Whitney Biennial Finally Figured Out How to Make the Show Matter?" (My answer is no…)

Odds and Ends ~ "The offbeat pieces in the Whitney's Biennial exhibit 'Day for Night' aren't a pretty sight" (too true!) 

Biennial? Who Needs It? ~ "The Whitney's national survey is dull and insignificant.  Maybe it's time to retire the concept" (yeah. I agree, and sadly this is the first one that I've been to)


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