Linky Links 4-19-06

As the day is slowly coming to an end, I wanted to post a couple of art related links. I went to Whitney Biennial today and I have several words to say about it… but for some reason some of the articles I wanted to pull up are not responding and I am just still fuming over it, so I'll wait until either tomorrow or the next day for my response on the Biennial. So here are my links.

Hot Art Market Strokes Prices for Artists Barely Out of Teens ~ The article of the day! This article was actually mentioned in my class on Monday by my art critic professor. It was also originally published in Friday's issue of the Wall Street Journal. Then, of course, in typical newspaper fashion, The New York Times published this article that I posted a couple of days ago the following day. As someone mentioned in class, MFAs are getting all this publicity, which means the bottom is going to fall out soon. Great. Just Great.

Trust Your Own Reactions, Don't Seek Enlightenment ~ I really truly enjoyed this article. That's honestly all I have to say about it. Well, okay, I also agree with it and can relate.

Art Institute to Start Charging ~ NOoooooooooooooo!!!! They can't take away free Tuesdays!!! That was my day to go see the few key pieces that I have to see every time I go home to Chicago! Then again, this was actually one museum that I did pay full price ($7) when I did have to pay. Whenever I go to the MET I pay a dollar, but now I get in for free with this Museum card thing I have… but anyway, rambling…


One Response to “Linky Links 4-19-06”

  1. Frank the Tank Says:

    I’m not happy about the elimintation of the free Tuesdays at the Art Institute either. Wandering through the halls over there on a whim is one of my favorite things to do during lunchtime.

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