Linky Links 4-18-06

Not much here to report so I only have one link today. It's a good one. It's not an article, so go ahead and click on it. It is, as my friend Heather who gave me the link said, my "new, FAVORITEST link." A little late since it's a couple of says past Easter, but that's okay. It's still worth looking at, especially if you like these (even if you don't, it's still amusing). Is it just me, or am I a weirdo, but for the bunny ones (which my friend Saraivy had yesterday and I was eating them) I like to eat them slowly… ear by ear… having them yelp… okay, yes, I'm a weirdo. Thank you. 😛

Question: Can anyone tell me what the eyes are made out of?

Peep Research

Have a good day y'all!


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