Linky Links 4-17-06

I hope you all had a nice relaxing weekend… and now time to get back to work!! Ugh. Anyway, here are the links for the day. Enjoy!

Art Related

Warhols of Tomorrow Are Dealers' Quarry Today ~ Oh man. Being a MFA candidate… there are the good things and the bad things about it. Sigh.

Emerging Artists: No Room to Grow ~ Then I read this article. Sigh.

Netting the must-have art ~ Philadelphia Museum of Art, good stuff

Where did all the Munchs go? ~ He is constantly in the news! Some idiot stole his paintings, showing at the MoMA, the article above mentions how Philly's acquisition of a Munch is a positive thing (duh), now this. Too bad he's not around to pocket on this publicity.

The Call of the Jungle ~ Disney made the movie Tarzan into a music that is now on Broadway… hm… well, I guess I have to see it since I've seen the other three…

Other Stuff

Trade a paper clip for a house? ~ Submitted by Tom. Pretty cool if the guy can do it.

Animal Related

Cat saves baby's life ~ Whoohoo!!! The cat is a hero!!!

Pigs compete at their own Olympics ~ I can't decide if this is torture or amusing. There's even a video for you to watch.


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  1. A Little Slice of Boredom » Linky Links 4-19-06 Says:

    […] Hot Art Market Strokes Prices for Artists Barely Out of Teens ~ The article of the day! This article was actually mentioned in my class on Monday by my art critic professor. It was also originally published in Friday's issue of the Wall Street Journal. Then, of course, in typical newspaper fashion, The New York Times published this article that I posted a couple of days ago the following day. As someone mentioned in class, MFAs are getting all this publicity, which means the bottom is going to fall out soon. Great. Just Great. […]

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