Linky Links 4-14/15-06

I'm only posting two links tonight, especially since one kinda pertains to the title of this blog. (Serious case of boredom, messing around with the way this blog looks… not like anyone actually cares, but it's now all girly) It's actually 1 AM and that's why there is two dates. But anyway, I just got back from Philly where I went to pick up my mail (Thank you Thank you Thank you for the gifts!!! I loved them!!) and now I'm just sitting here typing random thoughts, like "I really hate driving in the fog" and "I can listen to the same CD over and over again and still like it." Anyway. Enough randomness and here are my two links for the day.

If I'm too lazy/busy this weekend to write again, which will probably be the case, I hope you all have a relaxing and Happy Easter – to all three of you who read this.

The first one:

The Evil Screen's Plot to Take Over the 2-and-Under World ~ Oh my goodness. Even if you don't care about reading the article, just take a look at the picture!!! How FREAKIN' CUTE! I would be tempted to buy merchandise that is related to this only because of how cute it is (I bet none of you are surprised).

The second and last one:

In Praise of Boredom ~ Heck yeah.


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