Happy Birthday to Me ~ Yip-pee

Wow. I'm a whole 25 years old today. Technically I turned 25 yesterday since it's 2 AM now.  Yeahyeahyeah, that's nothing. That's not old at all, I'm a youngin'! Since I can't sleep after a very peaceful day spent here in my dorm and then in NYC with my friend Colin, I'll write about some issues that I've been thinking about and also share what I did on my birthday… not like the three of you who read this don't already know.

I spent the morning recovering from feeling sick the night before… nothing terrible, just a fever and general yuckiness. I'm much better now. I also got to pick out a birthday present from a friend on-line (Thank you) this morning, that was fun. After I finally got my butt out of my dorm room and got on the train to NYC I walked to Chelsea and saw some art (that really didn't impress me), but then I saw someone I recognized – it was Mr. Jerry Saltz himself. I've probably mentioned him before, but he was talking to I assume, an artist, and he wouldn't have recognized me anyway, so I just speed up my walk and went on my merry way. I never could handle seeing people that I kinda know, or I know them, and I know that they don't know me (a lot of "knows"). Very unlike my brother who is recognized by everyone… hmph. (He knows I love him)

Anyway, after Chelsea I went to wait for Colin by his work. He gave me a drawing that he did and had hanging in his room when he lived in France… I love it! I have to get it framed. Anyway, we walked to Battery Park which is near the tip of the island. It has Tom Otterness sculptures everywhere. It is a very cool place and wanted to see it ever since Tom came to talk at Montclair. Colin told me that he stops by this park every morning before he goes to work and since it was such a beautiful day we walked to it. It was awesome. I always love just sitting in parks where there are kids playing and it just seems peaceful, even when there are kids yelling and screaming. After the park we went to eat at a diner and then saw Ice Age 2. It definitely was not as good as the first. It had its funny moments, but overall, not noteworthy. A little disappointing. But then again, all I heard about it was that it was funny for the kids, but not as amusing for the adults, and that's what it was. Then we went to Coldstone ice cream place and I had a "Birthday Cake Remix" which is cake batter ice cream, brownies, sprinkles, and fudge. Mmmmm… it was great!

So it was a good day. Tomorrow my friends from school and I are going to some Chinese buffet that the two guys in my year have gone to and keep talking about and my friend Saraivy and I really want to go… so, why not for my birthday? Since I'm not a big drinker and I love to eat, this seemed just right. Heck, I didn't even have a drink today (sorry John). Over the years it seems like I've gone out to eat more then anything else. Even my 21st birthday, my two closest friends at the time, well, one took me out to lunch at Philly's Hard Rock Cafe, and the other took me out to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory (mmmm). No heavy drinking, no bar hopping… sigh. Oh well. I get drunk after smelling some wine, I'm that much of a lightweight as anyone knows. I've always preferred a small, close group of people that I really care about around me rather then a bunch of drunk people that I barely know. Ah well.

Overall, today was good with all my birthday wishes and tomorrow will be good. All I need now is to get some art work done in time for my final critique May 8th!!! AHHH!!!



2 Responses to “Happy Birthday to Me ~ Yip-pee”

  1. John Says:

    Hahahaha! You’re old!

  2. Heather Says:

    Hey, remember that time when you were still underage, and you visited me at college, and we went to the bars and ran into your brother?

    Good times.

    Happy birthday!

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