Linky Links 4-5-06

I know it's been awhile, sorry about that – busy with school, life, avoiding things, stuff like that, you understand. Since I woke up at 6 A.M. today for some unknown reason, I thought I'd continue my links posts.

Art Related

Secret of Mona Lisa's Smile Revealed? ~ I was thinking about this for a bit. You need patience and time to be able to paint like this, and I think this is why there are no true great painters today. We have way too many distractions, too many forms of entertainment, and just overall too lazy to paint like this. We want results now, not millions of little invisible dots later. Does this idea work with other art forms? Why aren't their any Michelangelo marble sculptures being done now? Or is it that we can claim that it's been done, so why go back? I bet if there was an artist who could paint like this and does paint like this now, they would be looked over in the New York art world for someone who paints something that's more controversial. For the other aspects of art, I do have to admit that computer animation has been improving to look more and more life like, that there is an art form that is improving. I was amazed between the difference between Toy Story and Bug's Life and even after that Toy Story 2…. and that was years ago where I stared at the movie screen in awe, just amazed at the huge difference. Yes, I notice these things. 😛

Portrait of a Cultural Battle ~ Who owns a painting? The original country or the country that steals it during a war?

TV, Movie, Music Related

Sesame Street creators spark controversy with new line of videos for infants ~ Do we want our children to become addicted to TV before the age of two? I mean, really? I'm torn between that it might help develop their brain, and being born into a TV watching generation (even though throughout high school I didn't have a TV in the house, but I still managed to know just enough about what was going on in Pop culture to stay afloat) I can't help but this this is naturally something that you would want to do.

Hilton Considered for Mother Theresa Role ~ Oh please, say it isn't so…

"Simpsons" Teases Moviegoers ~ Hmmm… this brings up the question how does a successful TV show turn into a successful movie… I know it's possible and all, but just like when Sex and the City was thinking about a movie, I'm a little skeptical… but then again, the voice of Albert Brooks with "guest star" in the movie… maybe it will be Jacques from one of my favorite Simpsons episodes… I highly doubt that thought… especially since that was from Season 1.

The ~ just thought I'd put it up since this is the first time that I went to the site… and happened to just talk about it… amusing…

Blockbuster Accused of Patent Infringement ~ Oh I hope they don't get rid of… which is what I use to rent my TV shows on DVD instead of Netflix. They give me two free games in store a month! And since they raised the price of renting games to $8 or something like that, heck, I need those free games!!!

The Official John Corbett Band Website ~ I'm not a fan of country music as you know, but when I saw this actually on TV yesterday I had to go check it out because I'm an Adian fan. "Let me strip your floors." And am I the only one remembering the oboe playing musician that he played in the movie Serendipity?


The Time Is 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 ~ I missed it!!! I was actually asleep by 12:30 last night for once. Oh well.

Paperweight Severs Calif. Teacher's Hand ~ you better watch out what kind of things you have on your desks there you teachers and future teachers…

And lastly…

Spider-hunting nudist ends with ring of fire ~ I can't help but laugh… sorry…


2 Responses to “Linky Links 4-5-06”

  1. John Says:

    I remember John Corbett in Serendipity! That’s a cute movie.

  2. ngdew Says:

    Good site!!!

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