Linky Links 3-22-06

I know I’ve been super busy for awhile but today is now my first day that I can kick back and relax… and read all those articles that I’ve been saving for these Link posts. Here’s some for today and soon I’ll post the highlights of some older articles that were entertaining to me.

In the Jungle, the Unjust Jungle, a Small Victory ~ I’ve actually posted a link before referring to this issue before. It is a sad story…

Dream Machines ~ Hm. This gets me thinking. Do games help expand the imagination or do they actually do the opposite? I am slowly considering myself a “gamer” where I really do get into the game world… especially Sims, where actually, the man who wrote this article is the creator of The Sims. Is it living your life through a game? And why is it more entertaining the real life? Is it because you can let your character do things that you would never do in real life? Because of the reset button?

Teacher Gets Probation for Mock Noose ~ Wow.  How wrong.  “What not to do when I become a teacher…” even though this should be just plain common sense.  And it all happened in this wonderful state of course.

Wily coyote caught in New York’s Central Park ~ Oh goodness, the people are scary enough, now I have to worry about coyotes? But then it also makes me think about how nature and animals adapt to their environment. I’ve on occasion seen deer run around by my place in Philadelphia (and I wonder why do I have this strong fear of hitting one with my car every night) but it makes me sadden by the idea that they have no where else to go… but then again… I really dislike these Canadian geese that poop everywhere around school and wish them to just go away…


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