6:30 A.M. Rambling

Once again – ignore this big brother

So I decided to come back to my dorm because I was falling asleep at the computer at school. As I was walking to my car the sun was rising. I love sunrise. New York fell in the backdrop to my right with a blazing orange sun peaking of the buildings and to my left, the almost full moon in the lavendar sky. I really love sunrises, but I think I like sleep more so they are more rare and special to me. I realized while walking to my car in the cold that I’m lucky. I’m lucky to be where I am right now, in more ways then one. I’m lucky to be at this school where I can grow in my art, I’m lucky to be near one of the greatest cities ever, and I’m lucky that I’m at a point in my life that I can seriously look forward to the future. I just wish that I didn’t keep screwing things up. Okay, I’m falling asleep again at the computer. Time for a nap until I have to wake up and hang my show…

Once again, I’m sorry that I hurt you again


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