Linky Links 3-2-06

Why am I awake at 8 in the morning? I wish I knew. I am beginning to miss sleep, but it’s all worth it. Instead of going to bed and try to sleep some more I think I’ll actually get up, eat a little, shower and get my butt to work. It’s time to make art!! (Hopefully I won’t get too distracted and can’t stop giggling all day again which might happen :-))

Today’s links. Hope you all have as good a day as I will have.

Art Related

Have the Curators of This Year’s Whitney Biennial Finally Figured Out How to Make the Show Matter? ~ I am soooo pumped in seeing this show. This will be an exciting month in art (heck – I’m going to have my own show too!) and in many other things in my life.

Pride, prejudice and happiness: readers choose favourite endings ~ Since I never seem to be able to get my butt to read more I will make this connection with movies, in particular, romantic comedies. If it’s going to end bad, I really don’t like it. I want the romance – the knowledge and hope of a happy ending between the two main characters. It gives me hope about my own life. One of my absolute favorite movies, which was actually a TV mini-series, is A&E’s Pride and Prejudice. (Haven’t seen the new one yet, but I plan on too) I can just watch the ending over and over when Elizabeth finally realized that she wanted to be with Mr. Darcy and Mr. Darcy still declaring his love and him just remembering that look that they shared (or it could be I have the hots for Colin Firth… I dunno). Romance is important, the hope of something better to come, the feeling of being swept off your feet, the surprises, the thoughtfulness that is given without being asked for it, I forgot all of this and hope that’s not going to be the case forever. 🙂

Dinner and a movie… ~ Ew. Very fitting title for the article though.

‘West Wing’ Alums to Return for Show’s End ~ West Wing is one of those shows that I surprising really enjoy… mainly because I absolutely nothing about politics and even though I know it’s not real, I feel like it gives me a glimpse, no matter how unrealistic it is, into something I really have no clue about and am curious about. I’ve rented and seen whatever is on DVD now, I think it was season 4, where Zoe was just kidnapped and it begins after that. I don’t remember the number of the season, but that season is where is started going downhill – fast. The first season was so incredibly good and well written that I don’t know what went wrong. Oh well.

Other News

The Origin of Darwin ~ huh. I might have to go see this exhibit in New York.

You can’t force cats to do anything ~ Ha. Poor kittys.

Ohio Couple Tie the Knot at McDonald’s ~ I could never get married in a fast food restaurant. That’s just crazy. But it’s amusing hearing about other people…


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