Linky Links 3-1-06

The beginning of a new month, and a lot going on in the art world

Art Related

How art appreciates – it’s a class act ~ I want to be worth that much.

Idol Thoughts – the glory of Fountain… ~ by Jerry Saltz who I met about a month ago and gave me a pretty good critique in my studio

Truth in Booty ~ all this for an urn

News Corporation to Tap Not Just Its Film Vaults, but Art from the Street ~ I do love my Star Wars ring tone. Makes me actually happy to hear my phone ring.

They may be dead in this town… ~ I really want to go see this exhibit, it’s in Philly now and was in Chicago recently. My brother and sister told me it was pretty cool. I should do that soon…

Two articles on how people need to respect the art

Martinifest leaves art museum shaken and stirred ~ Wow, what a scene that would of been. I probably would of been pissed as all hell. Actually I thought about this for a show that I saw last month. I walked into the gallery where the floor was covered in a reflective mirror like surface. I was wondering what the opening was like – a bunch of drunk people… I mean, I was completely sober and I felt like I was going to fall over how disorienting it was. Also it would of been some cheap views (men are pigs sometimes).

Boy, 12, gums up pricey DIA artwork ~ “…boys will be boys” as this writer concludes, but I’m in such belief about this – it makes me SOOO angry! Ugh. I won’t get into it.

And lastly – something I’ll be doing more

Want to live longer? Think positive thoughts ~ I think the title says it all. I’m thinking pretty positive thoughts for a couple days now. 🙂


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  1. A Little Slice of Boredom » Blog Archive » Happy Birthday to Me ~ Yip-pee Says:

    […] I spent the morning recovering from feeling sick the night before… nothing terrible, just a fever and general yuckiness. I'm much better now. I also got to pick out a birthday present from a friend on-line (Thank you) this morning, that was fun. After I finally got my butt out of my dorm room and got on the train to NYC I walked to Chelsea and saw some art (that really didn't impress me), but then I saw someone I recognized – it was Mr. Jerry Saltz himself. I've probably mentioned him before, but he was talking to I assume, an artist, and he wouldn't have recognized me anyway, so I just speed up my walk and went on my merry way. I never could handle seeing people that I kinda know, or I know them, and I know that they don't know me (a lot of "knows"). Very unlike my brother who is recognized by everyone… hmph. (He knows I love him) […]

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