A Good Day to Get Lost

*I actually pre-wrote this yesterday while waiting for my friend Colin to show up (I am such a nerd).

Today I went to NYC to go look at galleries and then hang out with Colin. I have this thing about looking at art – I can’t see too much in one day. The art then starts blending together and I can’t create of have a clear definition of what I thought about the work and why. This is only really important because one of the main reasons why I go to NY and look at art (besides I should be looking at art – I am an artist… right?) is that I’m supposed to be writing papers about what I see… it’s part of a class. Anyway, today I saw some good stuff and some that didn’t leave any sort of impression on me. Today was one of those days when I was looking at the art in these galleries and I was thinking to myself, ” I could do this. Heck, if this is in the galley, my stuff has a shot.” I think that’s why I’m more impressed with the masters. The were the first, they experimented and achieved rather then lucked out. They made a difference in the art world. But those are one of those life plans that really take more luck and chance then a defined way to accomplish something. Granted there are no guarantees in life, but usually you go to school to accomplish this so you can get a job in this. Getting an MFA doesn’t guarantee anything. Well, getting any degree doesn’t guarantee anything, but it is worth a shot, isn’t it? I’ve always had that dream that I could make a name for myself in NYC, but it’s not something that I’m eagerly pursuing. I only went to some building that house several galleries in Chelsea. Realistic are always impresses me more then abstract but there are so many different levels in between the two. Anyway – here are some of the things I that I liked:

Margaret Thatcher Projects ~ Venske & Spanle and Adam Fowler and the show called “flow.” Pretty sexy stuff.

Lyons Wier Gallery ~ James Rieck “Flower Girls

McKenzie Fine Art Inc. ~ Jean Lowe “The Loneliness Clinic” Bizarre, but check it out.

That’s pretty much it. There’s a little more, but those three shows stood out.

After Chelsea I once again decided to walk to where Colin works – several… this time about 20 or so… blocks away, so I could clear my head. (He works near the Holland Tunnel if you really are bored and want to look up how far I walked) This time (I don’t usually though) I put on my headphones and listened to music. Actually, when the train pulled into NY the song that was playing was Madonna’s “I love New York… I feel like a dork…” song which I thought was funny. A terrible song with terrible lyrics, but a beat (I like the rest of the CD). Anyway, walking around, listening to Madonna and various other artists. I was thinking about how much life has gotten better since I started school I laugh out loud more. I’m not just holing up at home. I’m excited about making are. I’m super excited about the future. This is another reason why Mark and I needed to end – I lost all those good feelings whenever I went to visit him in Philly. So that made me think about how quickly my life has improved just over the past couple days. I do have some people to thank for that too (you know who you are 😉 – thanks). Don’t get me wrong, I miss the great times him and I had, and I do miss him, but it needed it to end for so many reasons that I was out of the relationship before it ended. Deep in thought and kinda staring at the ground while I walk (I don’t want to step in something nasty) something jolted me to look up and next to me was a place called “the chocolate bar”… which made me think about… chocolate… of course! (Grin) Anyway, I realized I really craved some good chocolate and then I decided to move on and when I met up with Colin that I would suggest that we go get cupcakes for dinner. These cupcakes are truly amazing. As I said, when I first tasted them, they were “f#cking awesome.” As I walked towards Canal and Hudson my mind was seriously thinking about cupcakes and chocolate. I realized I didn’t know what direction I was heading. I think I realized I was a little lost when I noticed I was in the meat packing district. Ever store had to do with meat and beef in some way. I really wanted a good steak and was mentally cursing Colin for being a vegetarian (not that I might vegetarianism – all for it – but sooo not for me. I am a full on carnivore, I don’t like green things). And every now and then I caught a whiff of the cupcakes. I didn’t eat any yet because I love savoring things, especially chocolate. I take forever to eat a Kit Kat and Oreos. The anticipation is almost better then the actual thing and if the actual thing is fantastic, like these cupcakes, I totally milk it. These are REALLY good cupcakes. They’re from a place called Magnolia Bakery on Bleecker and 11th if you’re ever in town and crave cupcakes. Colin told me that they actually mention this place in a SNL skit… he said that I could see the clip on-line but I don’t even know how long ago and who the guest was. Anyway, I got 2 chocolate with chocolate frosting for Colin and for me, one vanilla with chocolate frosting and chocolate with vanilla frosting for me because I believe that there is such a thing as “too much chocolate.” Basically today (now yesterday) was a really good day.

Except we didn’t get to eat the cupcakes. I still have them… waiting for me to eat them. We had chocolate chip pancakes for dinner so we were pretty full.

I got to walk around town thinking about all the good things happening right now, get a little confidence boost and then hanging out with my friend Colin who listened to me rant and rave about everything.

It was a good day to get lost in everything.


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