Linky Links 2-27-06

Definitely groggy this morning. I wonder why… hmmmm

Anyway. Here are some links – if they’re not that interesting it’s because I’m way too tired to full understand and comprehend these articles, but they seem amusing…

Art Related

What Does Islam Look Like? ~ all the controversy about this cartoon, here’s something about the art.

Loot Back in Anger ~ This is an example of an article that I know if I were more awake I could actually comment on…

Are the ready to rock? ~ see above comment.

The Truth about Mamet ~ “‘People hate artists'” yeah, maybe… he is a great playwright though…

Random stuff

The new naughty ~ Don’t get the wrong idea about the title… flipping flick

His lost wedding ring story is no croc… ~ poor guy.

Pyscho Path Voted Wackiest Street Name ~ you know that there’s also a book on what the worst cities in the US are… and Pennsylvania has two, and one of them is called “Intercourse” (I’ve actually driven through it too!) Haha

And lastly – the theme for today

When sleep is just a dream ~ I’m already late for class.

Hope you all have a good day – and have a good night’s sleep!


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