My Space and others

Since this is the beginning of having even more time on my hands then before I can write about all those things that I wanted to write about. Let me start with and all those other connecting with other people sites. I’ve always been one of those people who really enjoy hearing from people I haven’t heard from in a long time. Usually my life is so boring that I don’t want to blab about my own life, but I love hearing about other people’s lives and thoughts, especially those of people I know and care about… or once cared about and stopped talking for awhile and then found me somewhere in cyberspace. For instance, I was only on for awhile, I connected with people that I haven’t talked to in forever, but never really talked to them. They added me as their friend and that’s about it, which is totally cool with me.  Then I was introduced to myspace, and later facebook.  Maybe these are set up to prove how many people you know… and looking at any of my profiles on these sites proves I don’t know many – OR they don’t remember me, especially those people from high school.  I’m like a forgotten girl who dated this guy for awhile and moved away soon after high school.  I’m always afraid that people don’t remember me.  My brother, the fantastic guy that he is, can go anywhere and people recognize him.  Heck, when he came to UPenn for my graduation he bumped into someone he knew and the whole two years I was there I never ran into people I knew (and I have two cousins that go there also! I never saw them!).  Sad.  Me – I’m just that forgettable except to those who still mean a whole lot to me.  Then again, sometimes even those people I’m afraid they forgot about me.  I’m sorry, this post wasn’t supposed to be a pity post.  So moving on.

Myspace is wonderful.  I’m so glad my friend Saraivy added me.  I think it made me realize that I’m not as friendless as I thought I was.  It’s a nice feeling.   But there’s always that little hint of jealousy.  I mean, I look at some of my friends from high school’s site and they have people that we went to high school together that I didn’t even know that they really talked to and those people never contacted me.  Am I forgotten?  (okay, that’s the last pity thing I’m going to say – I promise)  AIM is also one of those things that I really like.  I was always jealous of those people who went to a real college and could leave their computers on all day and night and leave messages saying where they are, what they’re doing.  Now that I live in a dorm, I do have to admit I do that.  I know, it’s a stupid thing to be jealous of, but I think it might have been part of the reason why it was hard for me to stay in touch with people I was friends with in high school.

I guess my point is I’m always glad when people remember me.  If you remember me and are on one of these sites and have people in your friends that you talked to less whenever we knew each other then you and I did, add me.  (I don’t think that made sense, I’m saying, if you have friends on your site that you really weren’t ever friends with and you and I were friends at some point in our lives, you should add me… because I deserve it! Ha. You really don’t have to if you don’t want to) Then again, those people who actually read this I know are my friends, or related to me… one or the other.  And I know that you care.  So thanks about that.  Sorry – back in pity mode, I’m out of it now.

So. What brought this all about besides me lovin myspace.  I was cleaning out my e-mail because I have 1630 messages and I sometimes like to clean out my e-mail I was deleting my messages that announced something about myspace.  Like – so and so wants to add you to their myspace friends or something.  (I’m a pack rat – I like to keep things for a long time, even e-mails) So I was deleting those and came across one of these journals I get that lists links for articles about art and such (where I get a lot of my links – obviously) and one was about an article about myspace.  Even though it’s from December, it’s pretty interesting – all about the phenomenon of myspace.

MySpace’s millions changes the face of music


One Response to “My Space and others”

  1. Tom Says:

    The differences between the sites are interesting. I’m on all three, but myspace is the most playful and young. Facebook is a little more highfalutin, and Friendster just never really left an impression on me. It’s interesting not only who you find, but who finds you over time. I’ve met some strange, but interesting people. 🙂

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