Linky Links 2-23-06

Once again I’m having problems sleeping. At least this time I wanted to wake up early. Here’s my links for the news I’m reading. Hope you’re sleeping better then I am.

Art Related

French leave ~ This world is huge… and sometimes it’s hard to realize that in the art world when you live so close to New York City. I would love to be able to live somewhere else for a year or two… I think it would be amazing… and then be able to hop on a plane and go back for a weekend just to hang out for art festivals, gosh, I’m a tiny bit jealous… 🙂

Villagers claim church fresco is lost Michelangelo ~ Huh. Alright. See – now a days, I think that artists want to be remember and signing everything so years from now, after we’ve become super famous of course, that every piece that we’ve ever made could be traced back to us. This brings to mind something that I think every time I see a retrospective or something similar to that where sketches are framed and possibly their worst work that they’ve ever made is framed and placed on exhibit. I think, and if I’m with a fellow artist I ask, “Would you want what you think your worst work ever to be framed and showed to the world?” I mean, just because Picasso drew on this napkin, doesn’t mean that it is the greatest.

China applies toon taboos ~ This is just bizarre. A good reason never to want to move to China… besides that whole communist thing… I would never be able to freely watch Roger Rabbit… or as a different ban states, Babe.

BBC pledges money for UK movies ~ Actually, this title for this article brings to mind something else… are British keyboards different then American keyboards? I mean, above the 4 is there a pound sign rather then a dollar sign? I dunno, I was just wondering.

Orchestra, musicians group agree to employ a mediator ~ A shout out to my dear friend Sunny should be put here. Louisville really doesn’t have an art scene does it?

And now for the really bizarre if the toon ban wasn’t bizarre enough

Alleged Kitten Killer goes on trial ~ It’s even stated by the Cook County Public Defender as a “bizarre case”

‘Anti-bird-flu’ water goes on sale in Czech Republic ~ Oh my goodness people.


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