Linky Links 2-22-06

I just don’t get why I wake up soooo early on those days that I really don’t need to wake up at all. Is it something programed in my mind that those days that I have to wake up for class or something that I have this desire to sleep more? I dunno. Just rambling. Now, for today’s links.

Neither War Nor Bombs Stay These Iraq Couriers ~ This article caught my eye because of a quote that is in it: “‘It’s something wonderful to get a letter,’ said Ibrahim Ismail Zaiden, a postman in Dora. ‘The paper, the stamp, the envelope. It is not just a piece of paper. It is something sacred.'” If anyone knows me, they know that I love writing letters, even though usually I have nothing to say. It just makes me feel good writing and sending a letter or a postcard. It’s so exciting to receive something in the mail and I always hope that a note from me in the mail is always better then an e-mail or something.

Poop Power being sniffed out in San Francisco ~ Whoa. Ew. I know I’m now a dog lover and all, but ew.

How to get disqualified without really trying ~ Hahaha. Wow. So many little things that can screw you over in the Olympics besides your performance, like falling numerous times on the slippery ice.

Theatre Related

Some People Born To Dance ~ This makes me wonder about other traits that we have and how much are genes a part of that. Are we programmed what are we going to like when we were first created? I know when I tell people that my parents work with computers they wonder how did I become an artist, but there are artists in my extended family, so it’s not too far off. Hm.

Too much too young ~ Hmmm… what is too young? I did post that one article awhile back about sexual harassment at the young age of something or other. So what about in plays? Keep in mind that this is a different country that is performing this… but what does that mean? Does it mean that Americans are uptight? Or too wary of everything? I don’t know. I can only speak for myself I guess.

And lastly – Wow, Lion King has been strangley in the news lately, I recently posted an article about the song in Lion King, but now the play itself is popping up in the news… okay, maybe not that much… but more then let’s say, Beauty and the Beast… haven’t heard anything about that in a long awhile…

‘Lion King’ Pounces onto Chinese Stage ~ Performed in English, of course.

The Quest ~ I wish I were smaller and could sing… that would be awesome if I could perform in Lion King

The Video that is related to the above ~ this is kinda sweet.


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