I think I’m a dog person

After all these cute images of dogs from the NY Times and getting the Nintendogs for my Nintendo DS playing with my virtual Beagle named Leia, I think I’ve switched. I used to love cats, but being highly allergic, it’s hard for me to be around them. I still love them, but I think when I get all grown up and have my very own place, I might get a dog. I don’t know why I’m sharing this, but yeah, I’m avoiding doing some work… that’s why. Also, I don’t like really really big dogs… dogs that if they stood on their hind legs they’d be as tall as me… they scare me, even if they are sweet. Mid sized to smaller dogs, but not too small because they yap and that’s annoying. But cats are easier to take care of… hm… well, I can’t get a pet yet anyway… that’s several years down the road, I’m just going to have to stick to virtual pets.


The cutie that I have


I’d name this one Vader… yes, then I would own Vader and Leia. I think this is the dog I’d want in real life too…


And this one.. of course, would be named Luke.

Yup. I heart Star Wars that much that I would name my pets after them. 🙂


2 Responses to “I think I’m a dog person”

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