Linky Links 2-15-06

A few things today and all random.

First something to add to my brother’s latest post ~

2 Illini editors are suspended ~ I can’t believe this. Well, I mean, I can, but I also can’t. Personally, I would want to see this cartoon. I would want to see what exactly is so offensive that people are rioting and dying over this cartoon, especially being a naive American who doesn’t really know much about other countries. This would put some understanding in my little brain to see why people are acting so strongly. People create art to stimulate, stir up emotions, agitate, rile up, and other things to have people have some sort of reaction, so in a year, will this cartoon have the reaction of it calm down a bit and be used as an example of what a simple drawing can do to people? I don’t know. Then again, I’m only an artist that isn’t very political, religious, activist, or hm, anything. When it comes to issues like this one, once I hear both sides, I can understand both sides (usually) and can’t usually put my foot down and totally agree on either opinion or belief. I want to know all the opinions and facts before I say or agree or disagree with anything… or at least I try to.

Three Die in cartoon riots ~ just to add to the above.

A little bit lighter links

McDonald’s news fries parents of allergic kids ~ McDonald’s fries contain wheat?! They contain something recognizable and “healthy”? No way. They are just too good. Ah, but wait… don’t get your hopes up, it’s the cooking oil.

Arrested for asking for quiet in cinema ~ Personal space is a very important thing. Then again, watching a movie at the movie theater and the people around you being quiet is also a very important thing. Unless it’s like the pack house of watching the last Star Wars movie on the first day and you could just feel the buzz of excitement from everyone. Then again, I might have been the only one who laughed at the scene where the Emperor was fighting Yoda and he said “Hello my little green friend.” I have no idea why I found that so funny… maybe in reference to how Lucas didn’t want Yoda to be like Kermit? Or was it because it was such a cheesy line (well, yes, most of the lines in that movie were cheesy, but I still loved it)? Okay, sorry, I went off the subject

Burglar Leaves Birthday Greeting at Store ~ Oh what a stupidhead.

And lastly, for my brother

The Beatles Now ~ a commentary about one of the greatest bands ever… or the greatest band?


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  1. FRANK THE TANK’S SLANT » Blog Archive » The Daily Illini Needs to Apologize for Something Else Says:

    […] I spent yesterday’s post giving credit to the Daily Illini for standing up for the ideals of the American press by printing the controversial Danish cartoons that have spurred violent protests and killings by radical Muslims in the Middle East.  Well, as my sister pointed out today, it turns out that the Daily Illini is now running scared by suspending the 2 editors that made the decision to run the cartoons. […]

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