Linky Links 2-14-06

Happy Valentine’s Day all ~ as I already mentioned. I wanted to post these earlier but I was running late to meet my friend in the print shop. Then after I locked my front door I forgot something so I went back. My key got stuck in the lock. It took about an hour to talk to someone in the office and then wait for someone to help me. After the guy came all he did was wiggle it a little more then I (and my roommate) already did and he managed to pull the stupid key out. Now, 8 hours after I went to the print shop, I didn’t finish what I wanted to do, and I really need to eat. And THEN I have to GO back to the print shop either late tonight or tomorrow morning to finish my stinkin prints. So my day so far, has not been the greatest. I hope yours is better… and I’m done ranting… and here are my links for the day!

Art Related

Artistic expression is a sacred right ~ Well. This is a debate that has good points on each side, and I’m not one to judge too quickly. I’ve read the play and saw her perform it for some TV special, it is very empowering of women and I really enjoyed it. I also recommend it to everyone.

V-Day ~ Just putting it here again, especially since the above article has to do with this play.

The Death of Handwriting ~ I love to handwrite things. Maybe this is because I’m an artist. I dunno. I think it’s more personal. Doesn’t everyone love receiving a handwritten postcard or letter?

Kinda Artsy

You could own your own Oscar ~ Hmmm…

Hairspray and Gel Keep Fur From Flying at Westminster ~ How fun! I would love to go to one of these shows. Maybe I am a dog person…

Dog Show ~ The multimedia thing that goes with the above article. Way too cute! I love the dog that is named Wee Precious Perry. What a name!

Happy Birthday Dear Fido, Fluffy and Polly ~ I would totally throw my pet a party.

Netflix Critics Slam ~ I personally use to rent my TV shows on-line (the best way to watch a series by the way… on DVD, uninterrupted and fantastic) but I definitely get my money’s worth I think. Maybe it’s also because I can rent 2 free games (which are now $8 a rent) each month at my local Blockbuster (where I actually have the movie pass so I can rent 2 out at a time as many times as I want). Yes. I love movies. Yes. I watch a whole lot of TV.


Hunter Shot by Cheney Has Heart Attack ~ To follow up on my brother’s link. When I heard this earlier today I couldn’t believe it. Poor guy.

Test Helps You Predict Chances of Dying ~ Whoa. Heavy stuff. You think it really works?

Woman charged with smuggling human head ~ WHAT?!

US pizza parlor skip samples Italian ~ What a great job.

Maybe You’re Not What You Eat ~ Fantastic.

And Lastly

Japanese women treat themselves on Valentine’s Day ~ Heck I treated myself this Valentine’s Day… to a NintendoDS. Yeah I spoil myself.


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