Stare off with a cat

I was just engaged in a stare off with Mark’s parent’s cat, Sammy.  He’s white and gray and really really furry/hairy, and I really try to stay away from him whenever I come here.  He recently decided to come into the computer room and sit with me, even though I am highly allergic to him.  I noticed this about cats.  I usually really like cats.  Especially short haired ones.  Longhaired cats, like Sammy, scare me because of their hair.  Then again, hairless cats also scare me because, well, they are just plain scary looking.  As I was saying, I noticed that when I don’t take allergy medication (which I didn’t today) they tend to like me more and choose to keep coming near me when I’m giving off the vibe “Hey! Don’t come near me or I’ll break out in hives or something just as scary!”  So here he is.  Lying on his back.  Meowing at me.  Staring at me.  Make him go away.  Ohhh… now he’s trying to give me this “I’m cute, pet me” look and it’s not going to work.  I don’t think he’s very cute.  I think my brother’s cat, Tater Tot is cute, I think the kittens at the store are adorable and possibly actually want one some day, but this cat (now meowing at me, while I meow back) is well, very hairy.  Alright.  I talked way too much about a stinkin cat. Now that he has gotten bored with me and left I can move on.  I like dogs.  Most dogs are super cute.  Whenever I see a cute dog on the street I really really want one.  But then there is so much work to a dog.  There’s the whole walking it, washing it, um, love and affection, and all of those things I am not cut out for, or can afford having someone else do it for me.  A couple of my friends at Montclair have ferrets.  I don’t know about that.  I don’t think I personally could own something that looks like a really long rodent of some sort.  But “yippee” for those who own them and I know that they love their ferrets and am not dissing their ferrets, I just could not own one.  That’s all. 

I think that’s about it for now and pets.  Maybe I can get some real work done now.  (Yeah right)


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