Linky Links 2-10-06

Two quick links before I’m off to bed.  I also want to note that I posted a quote from Isaac Larian, CE of Bratz saying “‘It is time for Barbie to retire,’ he said. ‘I mean, even Michael Jordan retired.’” and I want point out that someone pointed out to me that he was misquoted and said that it was time for Ken, not Barbie, to retire. 🙂

G-rated movies favor boys, a new study says ~ Well. Now that I think about it, I can believe it from the animated g-rated movies that I have seen this past year.  I’ve seen Corpse Bride, as you probably have read, Hoodwinked, Chicken Little, some other ones that I’m blanking out on but it does feel like these movies are geared towards boys rather then girls.  Even Hoodwinked.  Is it the desire to please everyone?  It is probably easier for a girl to like a boyish movie then a boy to like a blatant made for girls movie.  I could go on for awhile about this… especially what I think about Chicken Little which I will say for another post.  Tell me what you think.

The Worst Movie Title Ever ~ Wow.  Now once again, I know that I know several that can fit in this category but I am sleepy and can not remember anything.  Once again, probably another post could be dedicated to this so I will save it for another day when I am once again procrastinating. 

Have a good night and weekend!


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