Linky Links 2-9-06

As I avoiding doing actual work, here are some things that I found entertaining.

Art Related

Computer Analysis Suggests Paintings are Not Pollacks ~ I do have to admit that I think Pollack did some great things for the art world, but fake Pollacks? His paintings were not random even though they appear to be. He was very precise with where each “drip” goes so those who think that their kid could do it are wrong. But still, I guess if a person was going to copy a work of art and pawn it off as someone else’s, then I guess Pollack could be an easy one.

Celebration for an 80-year-old ballerina ~ If only all of us could still be dancing at 80.

Somewhat Art Related

A Makeover of a Romance ~ Barbie has a new boyfriend. (There’s a picture of him too!) I loved my Barbie growing up. I have a friend who still collects them. I actually have a Paul Frank one in my living room. But I have to say that there is a quote in this article from Isaac Larian, CE of Bratz (the competition) that makes me laugh “‘It is time for Barbie to retire,’ he said. ‘I mean, even Michael Jordan retired.'”

A couple of missed events from yesterday… and several days ago

The Grammys ~ Okay, I only watched up until Paul McCartney started playing but it was pretty good up to that point. But then again, was it just me or were those “duets” just really one band singing alone and then transitioned into another band’s song? Did I miss something?

Britney in the hot seat over photos ~ I have to agree with the first sentence of this article “What was she thinking?” I mean – SERIOUSLY?!

The Cute Factor ~ one of the 10 most read articles of the New York Times this month, according to an e-mail I received from them, and I really don’t blame people. The pictures ALONE are TOO CUTE FOR WORDS!!!!

Super Bowl Commercials ~ Now, I’m a little late on this one, but my main reason to watch Super Bowl XL was for the commercials. There were some good ones, and some that really weren’t but this is one that made me laugh out loud. I also liked the one where they work with monkeys and jackasses. How can you go wrong with either animal in a commercial? (Probably very easily)

Speaking of the Super Bowl…

Frank the Tank’s Slant ~ My inspiration. My conscious. My Big Brother. His Blog. Where I get caught up on Illinois sports and things that I should be paying attention but don’t. I should be complimenting him like how he complimented me so generously on his blog, but he knows how great he is so I really don’t need to remind him. (You’re great by the way Frankie!)


2 Responses to “Linky Links 2-9-06”

  1. sfb Says:

    Actually he said Ken should retire.. they misquoted him

    Bratz World

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