Linky Links 2-8-06

Alright, maybe I’m trying TOO hard to be like my brother, but I don’t care. It’s a good idea. To quote (or attempt to quote) one of my professors here at Montclair, “Good artists copy where great artists steal” and yes, I am stealing… an idea from my brother. So here goes.

Art Related

A Startling New Lesson in the Power of Imagery ~ It is amazing whenever I see how powerful art can be, whatever type of art form. I can only speak for me as an artist but there is the decision to create something that knowing can offend someone and is creating it for that purpose alone. To see a large number of people react so against a piece of work baffles me. Artwork that provokes is more likely to receive that kind of attention then something that people think is just beautiful. I don’t think people will get riled up over a Monet – unless someone stole it or defaced it. But then that’s the art world isn’t it? Create to provoke and make the viewer think and notice something.

Democracy in a Cartoon ~ What about the freedom of speech? Where is there a line if there is a line? That debate could go on forever, especially when it is a matter of opinion and morality.

Kind of Art Related

Chocolate That Flashes Its Passport ~ MMmmmm… Chocolate… Mmmm… Kit Kats…. I am partial to Lindt Chocolate which is I believe is from Switzerland, but that’s as far as my taste buds go when it comes to chocolate, mainly because of expenses and limitability.

School dance initiative launched ~ How cool. I mean, I guess we did square dancing in high school in gym class so I guess in the Midwest we were already doing this. It makes me wonder though what kind of dancing will they be doing in Scotland?

Read the book, then watch the film on DVD ~ Heck, I try to do this as much as I can and I have good intentions.  I bought entire Chronicles of Nardia before I saw the movie, but saw the movie before I got a chance to read it.  Lately though it has been the other way around because I don’t let myself read outside of school work because, I’m lazy which basically comes down to it. That is why this probably isn’t working; Americans are as lazy as I am. They never get around to reading the book, so why do they want it shoved in their face that they need to read before or after they watch a movie? Then, after they watch the movie and read the book, there is the chance that people will complain on how grossly cut and changed the book was after the movie was made. Alright, I can only speak for myself again (about being lazy) but is this true? I remember when the first Harry Potter movie came out people were so worried that the movie was going to be nothing like the book, and it stayed true. But then the other 3 movies are a different story, especially the last two. Don’t get me wrong – I encourage reading, I love to read, but at this time, during grad school, movies are just more accessible.


One Response to “Linky Links 2-8-06”

  1. Golas Says:

    As long as you stay away from rooting for evil pro teams, you should beat Frankie’s blog, hands down.
    Good luck.

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