The Beginning

Here I am, copying my big brother, and starting my very own webblog. This time maybe I’ll actually write in it. Time will tell I guess. My goal is to actually document things that I see and articles that I read and stuff like that. Can it be done? Yes. Will it be done? Who knows… because, as anyone who knows me, I get bored and actually enjoy being bored and not really doing anything… hmmm… that was confusing. Isn’t the definition of being bored is not really doing anything? Anyway, for the whole, one or two people that care to glance at this random blog, I hope that I make it entertaining enough for you!


One Response to “The Beginning”

  1. Frank the Tank Says:

    Good to see you starting your own new blog! I’m glad to see you making great use of your “being bored” time. Talk to you soon!

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