Corpse Bride

I recently finished watching Tim Burton’s The Corpse Bride for the second time. The first was in the theater and well, now on DVD. First thing that I noticed when I started watching it on DVD was that the screen just seemed too small for the movie. Not to dis my roommate’s TV but more that there is so much detail to each scene that it’s hard to see the subtle things that Tim Burton has put in this movie. Then it made me glad that I saw it on the big screen, even though, at first it did not make a huge impression on me. I preferred Nightmare Before Christmas. The music was catchier, the story line was cooler, and it was a little less morbid, even though, if you think about it, Nightmare Before Christmas was pretty dark. It is natural to compare two movies that are in the same distinct style from the mind of Tim Burton. I’m beginning to think that he is a genius, but then again, I did see Planet of the Apes and to this DAY I still bring it up to Mark as his choice of bad movies that he DRAGGED me to see (where I have only picked good ones, of course).

Anyway, back to Corpse Bride. I do recommend this movie to whoever has not seen it. It is definitely worth it. It has a little bit of everything, drama, love, action, suspense, death, scary parents, and singing, all of the things that you want in a movie. As I said before, it is a little morbid if you think about it. Victor is kind of a player. He was never around women before and now he has two women wanting to marry him, and one of them has the girl version of his name, Victoria. Coincidence? Who knows expect for Tim Burton.

I have yet to check out all the extra features on the disk, which, trust me, I plan on to. But in the mean time, check out the websites for the movie and DVD. I can not wait for the desktop maggot!

The Corpse Bride Movie Site

The Corpse Bride DVD Site where the “coming soon” desktop maggot is

Two Brides


One Response to “Corpse Bride”

  1. Sunny Says:

    hey linda! sounds like this will be a fun blog! i do want to rent corpse bride as well as “in her shoes.” anyways, write away!

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